Estate Planning

The goal of estate planning is to advise client on the options for the disposition, preservation and management of his or her personal and real property.  The options will depend on the family, philosophy and financial circumstances of each individual client.  Options include transferring property during an individual’s life time and after death. The options are as varied as the individuals and their particular circumstances. Knowlton Law provides assistance to individuals with assets below the current Federal estate and gift tax exemption of $5.6 million.

Most clients wish to preserve and pass their property on to their families. What the client does not know and what KnowltonLaw can provide is information on what property interest should be passed during the clients life time or upon the client’s death, on whether property interests should be held in a revocable or an irrevocable trust, on how to pass on a family businesses, on how to preserve and divide assets among family members and ways to pay estate taxes, if any.  

Knowlton Law includes Durable Power of Attorney for both financial and medical decisions as part of its Estate Planning package starting at $500.  Planning for the eventuality of a client not being able to make decisions for themselves is as or more important than planning for what happens to your estate after you die. Including these documents provide peace of mind for all family members as life’s cycles follow their path.



Dissolving a marriage is complicated and there is no need to make it more difficult by confusing the business of divorce with the emotions of divorce. After years of experience, Knowlton Law stays focused on the business of divorce. The two primary areas of the business of divorce are children and finances.



Children come first in all decisions regarding their future welfare. Colorado courts resolve all decisions based on the “best interest of the children” and look at two areas to decide what is in the best interest of the children: decision making and parenting time.

In both decision making and parenting time, it is best that the parents decide how they want to continue their relationship with their children. Too often, when left to the court and the parent’s attorneys, the decision is perceived as imposed from outside and the children bear the brunt of the residual disappointment of one or both parents.  Knowlton Law works to maintain the relationship of the parents in order that they may continue to be good parents to their children.



Dividing up a couple’s property in a divorce is always a loss in value of the marital property for no other reason than expenses are doubled. The decision on how to divide the property, including all debts, accumulated during a marriage takes time and planning.  If you are able to do this between yourselves, the process should be over within the three (3) months Colorado law requires before a Court will enter a divorce decree.  If not, Knowlton Law will guide you through the process.

Colorado law requires the division of marital property to be “equitable”. And division of marital property occurs before determining how much maintenance, if any, is necessary.  Financial issues create its fair share of conflict between parties and the reason Knowlton law works towards a balanced and fair accounting in order to minimize the conflict caused by the diminished value of a couple’s assets.  

Knowlton Law is also available for issues arising after a dissolution of marriage including modification of child support and relocation issues and more than willing to foster amicable solutions to partnerships with pre and post nuptial agreements.