James A. Knowlton, Attorney and Counselor

I believe in the law. Law is the glue for peaceful co-existence in our society. Law allows people to disagree without violence. Law allows commerce to move forward without undermining the value of one’s efforts. Law is not perfect nor is it intended to be. Law expands and grows as we, as a society shape the law.

My goal, as an attorney, is to be impeccable in dealing with my client and their legal issues. In this way I honor the law and its importance in shaping the world we live in and share with others.

My belief in the value of law does not blind me to the trickery in the world. On the contrary, law is a way to speak truth to the false power of deceit. And I know better than to think the world is black and white. Attorneys define their metal in the shadows between truth and fiction and it is in this gray area that the integrity of the attorney and the law are most important.

It is not enough to be clever in arguing the law, it is not enough to be a tough negotiator or zealous in your representation; a good lawyer harvests the law to achieve the best result for the client without diminishing the higher purpose of the law. Being able to organize, orchestrate and balance competing interest is how I define impeccable.

In short I combine old fashioned values and a modern sensibility to the practice of law.